Minecraft Lighting – Lights, Lamps, Clocks

Light up your room in Minecraft style with this great choice of Minecraft lighting.

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Minecraft Lighting – Lamps, Lights

Minecraft Light-Up Torch

Minecraft Lighting Light Up Torch
Minecraft Light-Up Torch

I don’t mind saying that this is one of my favourite Minecraft products and I would highly recommend it. An official licensed Minecraft Torch which looks just like the ones in the game. Can be placed on a wall, table or carried by hand. Requires 3x AAA batteries but has great longevity. More info…

Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore

Minecraft Lighting Diamond Ore
Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore (Blue)

Need a night-light to fit your Minecraft Bedroom theme? If so then the Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore could be for you. The cube has three different settings and glows blue from internal LEDs. More info…

Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

Minecraft Lighting Redstone Ore
Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

The same as above but in the design of Redstone Ore. The cube has three different settings and glows red from internal LEDs. More info…

Minecraft LED Lamp

Minecraft Lighting LED Lamp

If you would like a more personal unique option to light your child’s room, then perhaps this Minecraft LED light is for you. These lamps are hand-made and are made to order. They can be personalised and changed to suit your child’s taste. This lamp doesn’t have the refined high-street store look about it, but it adds a personal touch and you can take solace in knowing that this was made uniquely for your child. Shipped worldwide from Mexico. More info…

Minecraft Lighting – Lightshades, Lampshades

Pixels Design Lightshade, Lamp Shade

PIXEL Minecraft Lighting Shade

If you’re fitting your Minecraft Bedroom out with the Pixels Bedding and Curtains, then you may want to add this Pixels Lamp/Light shade to the mix too. The shades are 11inches and can either be purchased for a bedside lamp or a ceiling light. More info…

Minecraft Lighting – Light-up Clocks

Minecraft Creeper Colour Changing Clock

Minecraft Lighting Colour Changing Creeper Digital Clock
Minecraft 7Led Multi Colour Changing Digital Alarm Clock Thermometer Date

Got an extreme session of Minecraft planned but worried you won’t wake up for it? Then this is the item for you! This Minecraft digital alarm clock glows in seven different colours and even has a built-in thermometer. Batteries included! Perfect for your Minecraft Lighting needs. More info…

Minecraft TNT Colour Changing Clock

Minecraft Lighting TNT illuminating Digital Clock
Minecraft TNT illuminating Digital Clock

Same as above but with TNT faces for those of us who don’t mind sleeping next to a block of dynamite with a timer on it! More info…

Minecraft Lighting – Currently Sold Out

Handmade Stained Glass Night Lights

Handmade Stained Glass Creeper Night light. Minecraft Lighting
Handmade Stained Glass Creeper Nightlight.

Prefer something a bit….”creepier”? Then this handmade stained glass Creeper night light could be for you. The fixture comes with a sensor that will automatically turn on your light as the room darkens. This is only available for order from the US, but shipping to the UK is free! Making this great value for money. Currently Sold Out! Find out when it comes back in stock by following us on Facebook.

Illuminated LED Minecraft Creeper Sign

Illuminated LED Minecraft Lighting creeper sign
Illuminated LED Minecraft creeper sign

Got nerves of steel? If so, then consider purchasing this Illuminated Creeper sign. It is 16 x 16 inches and glows a creepy bright green light. This results in a creepy pair of dark eyes and a classic creeper style dark mouth due to the great design of this sign. A  must have for any fans of “The Creeper”. Only ships to the US. Currently Sold Out! Find out when it comes back in stock by following us on Facebook.

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